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Spravo Health is a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations. We offer pre-built, fully configurable and scalable reporting and analytics solutions including the following services:

  • Healthcare specific analytic data model

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Dimension management

  • Data management

  • Cloud-based data warehouse support and integration

  • On-premise data warehouse support and integration

Predictive Analytics

Spravo uses advanced analytics and data modeling to predict future financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. Using historical data combined with statistical modeling and machine learning we find patterns and variables that are most likely to impact the future.

Data Platform

Your organization needs timely data. The most basic yet powerful services offered by Spravo Health is timely data. We build an automated platform that allows you to quickly get your EMR, Billing, GL, and Payroll data.

Advisory Services

With over 20 years servicing healthcare organizations we are well equipped to give you the consultative insights you need. Its our goal to disrupt the status quo with data-driven decisions so you can change or embrace the future.

Analytics Applications

Our unique partnership with Microsoft has allowed us to build secure, accurate, and timely applications that integrate with your data sources. The Spravo product offering is built to give you what you need to improve healthcare in the communities you serve.


During and after implementation Spravo will be there to guide you and provide your organization with the training necessary to maximize the Spravo product offering.   


Spravo has a reputation for giving timely support. Whether you’re trying to close your month-end or identify opportunities for improvement Spravo will be there to ensure analytical applications are functioning properly.

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