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Our mission is to predict the future so you can embrace it or change it. 


Our vision is a world where the best healthcare is available to everyone

a world where there is enough and to spare because we were willing to disrupt the status quo with data-driven decisions.



Spravo Health is a leading provider of data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations.

We offer pre-built, fully configurable and scalable reporting and analytics solutions including the following services:

  • Healthcare specific analytic data model

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

  • Dimension management

  • Data management

  • Cloud-based data warehouse support and integration 

  • On-premise data warehouse support and integration

Our promise to you is that when you hire Spravo you are hiring the best.

The chief medical officer of a large health system once presented our CEO with a pocket protector at the end of a large engagement. It was a fitting reminder of who we are at Spravo. We are a company of data scientists, analysts, mathematicians, engineers, operators, coders, and programmers. Our clients hire us because they want to work with people who have solved problems, are good at math, are humble enough to know when they don’t know and, yet, smart enough to then go figure it out.

At Spravo, we believe in our people and we invest in our people.

We believe that the only true and lasting capital of any business are the good people behind the scenes who every day drive business excellence. Machines grow old, code gets outdated, new ideas obviate old intellectual property. But people, people are the living and dynamic catalyst behind all value creation – they are the ultimate capital worthy of all investment because they are the enabling capital behind all other capital.



Live with Integrity​

  • Be Intelligent

  • Be Inquisitive

  • Be Inventive

  • Be Insightful

  • Be Grateful

Live a good life

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